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October 05, 2006



1580! Eek! That's more than a full day's worth of calories for me. I'd gain if I ate that much.


when I first glanced at the image in your post I thought it was something from a persons colon.. but then again, there are many colons that could very well indeed look that bad, considering the fast food that is force fed to america today !!!


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mmmmmmmmm cant wait and this is not fair... LOL


The BK Stacker has choices...
The Double (two meat, two cheese four bacon, and sauce)
The Triple (3 meat, 3 cheese, 6 bacon, and sauce)
And The
Quad (4 meat, 4 cheese, 8 bacon, and sauce)
The bacon is only half a slice.
I know because I work at Burger King. You only hear what some people want you to hear


Yes, the stacker comes in 3 choices, and you don't need to shove a quad in your face.. in fact, most people order a double stacker, and the double stacker is the one that is advertised.
Like the last person, I know this first hand because I have experience in the Burger King Restaurants. And although you may not think what I have to say is important.. you can make anything look bad with a little propaganda, which I definatley observed in this article.


The only thing I see coming from ANYONE is the medical profession regarding obesity help is lip service. I was very thin until I was 41...had a hysterectomy and have been obese ever since. No diet has worked....nothing has worked. Yet my primary physician, my therapist or anyone else for that matter has ever tried to help me. I've given up and I know now that I will die fat. Unless, that is, the medical profession decides to help us.


I love burger king.

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Body snark time!--I wish she would dye her hair a normal color! That platinum looks creepy and her hair itself is AMAZING (weave?) so she's not doing it justice. Any one with me on this?

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The subway diet worked for Jared and anyone else who goes on it, because of two factors: Portion control and caloric intake. If you stick with the subs that are low fat and are low calorie and avoid mayo, cheese, and oils, you are limiting the amount of fats and calories that you consume.


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That platinum looks creepy and her hair itself is AMAZING (weave?) so she's not doing it justice. Any one with me on this?

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I think it is simply irresponsible that these well known fast food companies are doing nothing to help fight the obesity problem. Instead they are continuing in their old unhealthy ways to keep the population as fat as possible. The bad news is that bad foods actually taste better than their healthier alternatives....and that is why these bad foods sell more and boy, don't these companies just know it.

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For a while I use to eat McDonalds, and Burger King almost religiously. Now days I can't even stand the sight, or smell of either. If I eat fast food it's either Qdoba, or Panda Express. I no longer eat it religiously anymore, but just every now and again for lunch when I'm at work.

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Someone just found my blog with the Google query: "don't go to law school." Hmmmm. Whoever you are, you're probably wise to be thinking hard about whether to do it or not. I don't know whether Google will have the answer. I certainly don't have the answer. But here are some things to think about.

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In light of a growing obesity epidemic, what are these companies thinking? The bottom line, of course, not their customers expanding bottoms. Sales figures show that the worse the nutrition, the better the sales. They’re just giving us what we want.

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Skönt att vara besöka din blogg igen, har det varit månader för mig. Väl här artikeln som jag har väntat så länge. Jag behöver den här artikeln för att slutföra mitt uppdrag i kollegiet, och den har samma tema med din artikel. Tack, bra aktie.!

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